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Marathón ends the drought and defeats Real de Minas on his return to Yankel Rosenthal – Ten

The Marathon regained joy and on his return to Yankel Rosenhthal beat 3-0 at Real de Minas in a duel corresponding to Date 4 of Closure 2020

Table of positions of the Clausura 2020 tournament

The purslane added their first win so far in the tournament and thus jumped to fifth place with 6 points.

The goals of the green were the work of Carlos Discua at minute 57, Edwin Solano at 57 and Kervin Arriaga at 90 + 4.

Green and controversial domain in Yankel Rosenthal

The meeting began with an offensive proposal from both sides. It was Juan Ramón Mejía at minute 9 who tried with a right hand that could not connect Jesse Moncada head first.

Marathón responded with a cross shot from Mario Martínez who left outside and then tested Carlos Discua with a powerful riflazo from outside the area that passed near the post.

The controversy reached the 31st minute. Bruno Volpi was shot down by Nelson Muñóz, but the referee did not punish the penalty.

Four minutes later, at 35 in a free kick Carlos “Chino” Discua sent the ball over the barrier, but José García ended up deflecting it and Juliani Archivald did not reach him.

Solano and Arriaga sentence victory

The complement continued with the same tonic, a sampedrano team dominating a mining team that was never found in the field.

At 57 Edwin Solano extended the advantage after a center of Carlos Discua on the right in which he headed to the side and when it seemed that he was escaping, Arriaga appeared and placed it on his feet to push it to the nets.

Real de Minas had the 70 minute discount on Aldo Oviedo’s feet, but his shot was rejected by the post before Roberto “Pipo” López.

At 80 they had another clear, in a long ball to the area Juan Ramón accommodated her head to Oscar García who came from behind and raised it.

The visitors ended up playing with 10 men for the expulsion of José García at minute 87 and at the last breath, at 90 + 4 Kervin Arriaga put the lapse 3-0.

Data sheet:

Marathon: Roberto López, Bryan Barrios, Esteban Espíndola, Bryan Johnson, Kervin Arriaga, Carlos Discua, Mario Martínez, Edwin Solano, Adrián Ramírez, Yerson Gutiérrez and Bruno Volpi.

Min. 55
Enter: Roger Iscoa
Sale: Yerson Gutiérrez

Min. 60
Enter: José Lobo
Sale: Carlos Discua

Min. 70
Enter: Marlon Ramírez
Sale: Mario Martínez

Real de Minas: Juliani Archivald, David Mendoza, José García, Nelson Muñóz, Óscar García, Jean Carlo Rivera, Luis Guzmán, Rembrandt Flores, Aldo Oviedo, Jesse Moncada and Juan Ramón Mejía.

Min. 46
Harry duarte
Sale: Rembandt Flores

Min. 61
Enter: Jack Jean Baptiste
Sale: Jean Carlo Rivera

Min. 77
Enter: Alex Corrales
Sale: Aldo Oviedo

YELLOW: Carlos Discua, José García.

RED: José García my. 87

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