Maradona: What do “followers” of the Church of Argentine myth believe?

7 hours ago

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The Maradon Church is followed by thousands, and they celebrate the birth of the Argentine football legend on October 30 of every year.

According to the “Hand of God” followers calendar, we are now in the sixty-first year AD, that is, the birth of Diego Maradona, the Argentine football legend who died at the age of sixty last November.

The death of the famous football player touched the hearts of millions, who had feelings of admiration beyond the usual, which raised the level of interest, during the past weeks, in joining the Maradon Church, “consecrated” in his name, in Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

The Maradon Church is not, of course, an actual faith group. It is more like a club of admirers that has a devotional character, whose followers imitate some of the rituals of the Christian religion, expressing their fondness for the late star.

This club includes loyal Maradona fans in their extremism, and through it they practice rituals that simulate masses, prayers, baptism and other methods of devotion.

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