Mara Venier, the little accident that is repeated on Domenica In: “I keep losing them …”

Mara Venier, for the first episode of the new season of Sunday In, chooses a ‘total white’ look. The white shirt, with the gold writing “Me sò capita io”, conquered all the fans, but then there was also a small ‘accident’ that repeated during transmission.

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While he presented, among the guests in the studio, Antonio Albanese e Paola Cortellesi, per Mara Venier there was a little mishap: his pants whites have literally collapsed, but the host managed to cover herself with her t-shirt before lifting them up. “I have to confess one thing: I’m losing my pants. I also lost weight, ”she revealed Mara Venier. Lots of laughs in the studio, with Paola Cortellesi who offers to help the presenter: “Will I pull your pants up?”.

The problem, however Mara Venier, he then repeated later, almost every time he had to get up to welcome or greet the various guests who alternated in the studio of Domenica In. “Nothing, today I keep losing my pants,” joked the presenter.

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