Mara Venier sheds light on Domenica In: how is the presenter

Mara Venier sheds light on Sunday In and reveal how she is after having immediately two interventions in a few days. The presenter a few days ago had told on Instagram that she fell into a nightmare following what should have been a simple dental operation.

Despite the problems and one facial paresis caused by the injury of a nerve, Venier had faced the episode of Sunday In. In the next appointment with the show, however, the presenter will not be there. To reveal it was the same Mara who told the difficult period who is experiencing in an interview with the Corriere della Sera.

“I went to the dentist for a tooth problem – confided Mara Venier -. It had to be quick. It was an 8 hour surgery. I returned home destroyed ”. In the following days the situation worsened: “I was sick, but above all that effect of anesthesia did not pass. I always had a frozen face. I called the dentist several times, but he reassured me by telling me that it is normal in interventions like these ”.

“By a miracle on Thursday I called my doctor friend John of James because my collaborator had hurt her ankle and I told him what was happening to me – he added -. He understood immediately, from my symptoms, that there was something very serious and immediately made me rush to Dr. Valentino Valentini, maxillofacial surgeon whom I bless. He immediately had me undergo a neurological examination and, the seriousness of the situation understood, he operated on me on Friday. A long operation during which they removed that implant placed by the dentist. It was the one who had injured the nerve. The problem is that it should have been removed immediately, but unfortunately 5 days have passed ”.

Now at Mara we just have to wait: “Unfortunately the paresis has remained – he confided -. Now I just have to pray to God that the nerve will recover on its own, and that there is no need for microsurgery to “fix” it. The surgeon really hopes not to have to intervene ”.

The presenter also talked about Sunday In, confirming that will not conduct the next episode of the show. It could instead return to that of June 20. “I wanted to try to overcome the trauma, but it was very hard – he revealed -. I was having panic attacks because I was afraid of not being able to speak. I was in the dressing room in tears with the director of Rai1, Stefano Coletta, who gave me courage. So I went on the air ”.

“I just can’t do it – added Venier -. I want to think about healing myself. My days are really terrible: here at home in Rome, I only eat ice cream, I speak little, I don’t sleep at night, I have constant panic attacks. Friday I have another checkup, other exams. Life changed. As if you were under general anesthesia. But I hope to be able to go on air on Sunday 20 June “.



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