Mara Venier hospitalized: the fate of Domenica In

Mara Venier it was hospitalized. To reveal it was the presenter of Sunday In than in Instagram Stories posted a video in which he appears in a bed with an IV. The image was removed after a few minutes and Mara provided no other information.

In all likelihood, hospitalization is linked todental operation that Venier had suffered a few days ago. The video posted in the Stories could tell about some complications related to the intervention or, since it was removed immediately, it could have been shot on that occasion and accidentally posted by Mara. On the social networks the presenter had told of having undergone an intervention: “Even today so .. I am swollen, it was a 7-hour long intervention, an implant and now relaxation”, she said, then publishing a very tender video with her grandson Claudio.

In the clip Mara, still sore from the surgery, enjoyed playing with her beloved grandson. The little one, on the bed with her, enjoyed hitting her with the pillows, unleashing her laughter. “You want to finish that grandmother has ice .. she has had an operation on her teeth!”, Laughed the presenter. “Now the battle has broken out, it’s over”, the comment of Nicola Carraro, husband of Venier and always by her side.

On June 6, Mara will again be at the helm of Sunday In. It remains to be seen whether this hospitalization could put the bet at risk of the show or if, despite everything, the Sunday container will be on the air. Other times, problems and injuries in the past had put Venier to the test who, despite everything, had never given up on leading Sunday In. In June 2020 the presenter was fractured a foot falling down the stairs just before the live broadcast.

Despite this, with great professionalism and strength, he had not left the helm of the transmission. “I fell down the stairs at noon, I was going to Dear to do Domenica In – she had told on that occasion -. I slipped down the steps, didn’t see the last one and found myself on the ground […] I understood that there was a fracture, but it was now one and I said to myself: I try to go live. Stefano Coletta told me not to go live but I wanted to try. In my heart I didn’t think I’d make it to the end, but I did ”. And it’s safe to bet that Mara won’t give up this time too.



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