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MaPrimeRénov’ Subsidy Requests Plummet by 40%: Government Announces Help for Basic Renovation Tasks

The number of MaPrimeRénov’ subsidy requests fell by 40% at the start of the year, following the reform of the energy renovation financing system implemented on January 1, 2024. Faced with this collapse, the government announced the return help for basic renovation tasks.

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MaPrimeRénov’ aid reduced since January 1, 2024

Since 2020, financial aid from the MaPrimeRénov’ system has been paid to households planning energy renovation work in their home. In January and February 2024, the system experienced a spectacular slowdown, since it showed – according to the Ministry of Housing – a 40% drop in the number of files submitted compared to the same period in 2023. This impressive drop can be explained by the reform implemented on January 1, which seriously reduced the aid allocated. The additional envelope of 1.6 billion euros, initially planned for the period 2023-2024, was finally limited to 600 million euros. This dark cut gave rise to a new version of MaPrimeRénov, which excludes single actions from possible financing. Thus, a renovation which is limited to the insulation of a part of the building (roof, walls, attic, etc.) or a change of boiler is no longer subsidized, at least for thermal strainers. The new law requires, for properties classified F and G, to combine at least two types of insulation work, which obliges the owners of these homes to undertake more significant work to be able to benefit from it. On the other hand, the single gesture remains financeable for housing classified between A and E. At the same time, the bonuses granted for work combining several gestures have been reinforced, the objective being to encourage owners to be more daring in their construction projects. works.

Works eligible again

Professionals in the sector, who had foreseen the consequences of the reform and warned the government of the probable flop, did not fail to react. Thus, the French Building Federation (FFB) highlights a catastrophic situation for the sector, while the Capeb (Confederation of crafts and small building businesses) deplores a significant drop in activity. Faced with this outcry, the government reacted by backpedaling, announcing a series of measures to boost the renovation work supported by MaPrimeRénov’. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has declared its intention to reinstate, until January 1, 2025, single gestures of insulation and double flow ventilation among eligible aid, without obligation for the owner to combine this work with an additional gesture. The executive also grants two reprieves for owners of thermal strainers: they will be able to wait until January 1, 2025 to carry out comprehensive renovation work, and, before this date, they will not have to provide an up-to-date DPE in their MaPrimeRénov’ grant application. Furthermore, for the highest premiums, a “Renovation Supporter” will be able to support households in their project. Arbitrations are underway on the amount of aid granted for single gestures that are once again eligible, which will be recorded in the form of orders and/or decrees.

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