MAP: In a small village in the Pilsen region, there are 80 more infected people per day

Clients and employees were widely tested on Sunday on the recommendation of hygiene. The infection was confirmed in more than half of the 130 clients and a fifth of the 80-member staff.

“The number of positive for covid 19 will probably continue to grow. We do not yet know all the test results. So far, we are at the number 73 with clients and we have fifteen sick employees, “said Petr Kounovský, the director of the home, on Monday afternoon.

The facility, which was founded by the Pilsen Region, houses both seniors and people with mental or other disabilities. The course of the disease is still mild in all infected, Kounovský said. Infections only have an elevated temperature.

Healthy clients are now isolated from the sick. We set aside special rooms for them, which were originally intended for the sick. But the situation is quite the opposite, when we have a predominance of those infected, “Kounovský added.

The number is paradoxical even compared to the increase in large cities. In Liblín, more people were infected on Sunday than, for example, in Olomouc or Zlín. In the first named city there were 42 cases on Sunday, in the second 68. In Brno, 94 people became infected on Sunday, 184 in Ostrava and 658 in Prague.

Every village

On the map it is possible to search for each municipality in the Czech Republic either by entering its name in the upper left corner or directly by clicking on the map. Darker colors mean higher numbers of daily increments. Infected people are classified into municipalities according to their permanent residence.

It is also possible to trace an increase in those infected in Prague in individual city districts.

The Ministry also released data for individual city districts of the capital city of Prague. However, the public will still have to wait for other regional cities.

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