Many trains in the north are running again, but patience is required


Many trains in the north are running again, but patience is required

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A display board at the Cottbus train station, where all trains are still running on schedule. Photo: Frank Hammerschmidt/dpa/archive image

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The damage caused by the storms that have swept through northern Germany in the past few days have largely been eliminated on Deutsche Bahn routes. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done. This also has an impact on the timetables.

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Hamburg/Hannover/Kiel/Bremen (dpa) – Although many railway lines have already been cleared after the storm lows and significantly more trains are running again, patience is still required in some places in the north. A spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said on Tuesday in Hamburg that there would be impairments on several routes due to the storm damage until at least Wednesday.

“In long-distance traffic we still have disabilities between Hamburg and Hanover. There we have a track free to the north and to the south we are diverted via Bremen. » In long-distance traffic, the trains between Hamburg and Hanover were delayed by about an hour on Tuesday. Individual stops on the route – such as Celle, Lüneburg and Uelzen – could be omitted. However, the spokeswoman assumed that the route would be double-tracked again this week. “Maybe even on Wednesday. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t thwart our plans.”

The express trains between Stralsund and Karlsruhe with actual stops in Hamburg, Hanover, Kassel and Frankfurt/Main were completely canceled for the Hamburg – Karlsruhe section. In addition, a very high utilization rate must be expected for the other long-distance trains.

Between Hamburg and Bremen there were still considerable delays and individual train cancellations due to damage to the tracks in regional traffic, as the railway company Metronom announced. Two stops in the Hamburg area – Hittfeld and Klecken – could not be approached again. On the Hamburg – Lüneburg route, travelers also had to plan for delays, although the regional trains were largely able to run again. Replacement buses drove between Uelzen and Bienenbüttel.

In Schleswig-Holstein, on the other hand, according to Deutsche Bahn, the trains were running again largely without failures and major restrictions. «Schleswig-Holstein is fine. There can still be a delay here and there, but we no longer have any closed routes here, »said the spokeswoman.

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