Many places strengthen the monitoring of cold-chain food elimination and imported cold-chain food can be “coded” for

  CCTV News:Recently, some imported cold chain foods were tested positive for nucleic acid. In order to strictly prevent imports, we have strengthened the elimination and monitoring of cold chain food in many places, and established a traceability platform for imported cold chain food, covering the entire process from customs entry to production and processing, wholesale and retail, and catering services.

Qingdao Jimo Dongfang Dingxin Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center is the largest fruit market in Shandong Province, and imported fruits such as cherries and blueberries account for one-third. At present, all imported fruits are subject to strict quarantine inspections during the entire process from picking at the origin to entering the market.

  Yuan Ming, Manager of Dongfang Dingxin Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, Qingdao Jimo, Shandong:We have gathered all the workers more than a month before the picking. After the gathering, they will all live in the park after the nucleic acid test is completed and they are not allowed to go out or contact the outside world. After arriving at the port, the customs has also carried out a relatively large inspection of imported fruits. Every container must drag out all the goods, and only after all the goods are eliminated can the customs be released.

In Wuhan Shanlv Cold Chain Base, all imported cold chain foods entering the park must report the shipment information to the market supervision department in advance, and implement “specialized areas for special personnel, special objects, and special disinfection.” The reporter saw that in the storage buffer warehouse, disease control personnel first carried out nucleic acid sampling on the inner and outer packaging and food of each box of products, and then transferred to the official area after passing the test. From inbound to outbound delivery, all imported foods are equipped with a traceable “E-cold chain” QR code. Scan the code to view the product’s entry date, shipper, consignee, and nucleic acid test report.

  Deng Xinping, deputy manager of warehousing department of Hubei Wuhan Shanlv Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd.:Commodity information and the list of movers can be uploaded to it, and some vehicle information can be entered into the platform to achieve joint defense of characters and full closed-loop management.

In addition to food sampling, the base also regularly conducts nucleic acid tests on environmental objects such as transportation vehicles and machinery. High-risk employees such as cold storage operators, porters, frozen customers, and truck drivers are all vaccinated against the new crown pneumonia vaccine, and nucleic acid tests are performed once a week. Before all cold chain foods enter the supermarket shelves, there will be a round of elimination.

  Yang Xiaofeng, Hubei Wuhan Wal-Mart Zongguan Store:When the supplier produces the original packaging, there is a sterilization, and it will also be sterilized when it comes out of the frozen warehouse. After two complete sterilizations, it can enter the Wal-Mart warehouse. In addition, the supplier needs to provide the national animal inspection certificate, the new crown inspection certificate, and the manufacturer’s quality inspection report before we receive the goods.

At present, the national imported cold chain food traceability management platform has been put into operation, and cross-regional data exchange and mutual recognition has been realized. It is connected to the 9 provinces and cities that have been tested on the national platform. The first station of cold chain food imports accounted for more than 90% of the country. Basically realize the information traceability of the entire chain from customs entry to production and processing, wholesale and retail, and catering services. Consumers can trace inspection and quarantine certificates, customs clearance certificates, disinfection certificates, nucleic acid test reports and other information with a scan.



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