Many Patients Recover, The Task Force Asks The Covid Protocol Not Slacking

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The number of patients recovering from the Covid-19 attack has increased again. DKI Jakarta is the province that contributes the highest daily recovery. However, health protocols remain mandatory to prevent the number of new cases from increasing.

Data from the National Covid-19 Handling Task Force compiled from the Ministry of Health shows that the number of patients recovering on Saturday (17/10 /) increased by 4,048 cases, bringing the total number of patients recovered nationally throughout the pandemic to 281,592 cases.

From daily recovery patients, DKI Jakarta was the largest contributor with 1,106 recovered patients. Thus, the total number of recovered patients in the capital city has reached 77,969 cases.

Chairman #Covid-19 task force Doni Monardo said that the increasing number of recovered patients is good news for handling the pandemic. However, this does not mean that people can let their guard down and let their guard down. The reason is, there are still many active cases of Covid-19 and it is very likely that they will spread to others. Therefore, we all need to be disciplined and obedient to implementing health protocols until the pandemic is over.

“Remember 3M’s movements, namely wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and washing your hands with soap. #Pakaimasker, #jagajarak, #cucitangan“said Doni, quoted from the official website of the Covid-19 Task Force.

According to Doni, the three health protocols are important to be applied in everyday life. Moreover, he said, #shareddistributorcollection egg which is very important to prevent the spread of the SARS Cov-2 virus.

“By implementing physical distancing or keeping a distance, the spread of the virus can be prevented. Remember, the virus does not move on its own, but people carry it everywhere,” said Doni who is also the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

Ministry of Health data shows that in addition to the number of recovered patients, the number of confirmed positive patients has also increased. The number of new patients carrying the Covid-19 virus in their bodies as of Saturday (17/10) reached 4,301 cases.

With this addition, the cumulative number of positive cases at the national level reached 357,762 cases. Of these, 77,969 patients experienced recovery. Then as many as 12,431 patients died.

This means that the number of Covid-19 cases that are still active per day has reached 63,739 patients. They are being treated at a Covid-19 referral hospital, in an independent isolation hotel, or in independent isolation in their respective places.

In addition, the number of suspects until the closing of Saturday (17/10) reached 158,700 cases and 43,305 specimens completed in the examination, scattered in 500 districts / cities in 34 provinces.

“Please remember that together, by obediently and discipline to apply health protocols, we are not only protecting ourselves, but also protecting our families, relatives, neighbors and ultimately protecting our communities,” said Doni.

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