Many fast food restaurants in the United States have adopted it! Flippy 2 French Fries Robot Debut |

With the development of technology, some jobs will gradually be replaced by robots. Miso Robotics, based in Pasadena, California, has launched Flippy 2, a potato chip robot.

The working efficiency of the robot is higher than that of humans, and some American fast food restaurants have adopted this robot assistant.

According to Reuters, the large robotic arm of the Flippy 2 potato chip robot is controlled by cameras and artificial intelligence technology.

After the food is fried, he puts it on a tray, ready to be served.

According to Miso Robotics, the Flippy 2 potato chip robot can cook multiple dishes according to different recipes at once, reducing the need for kitchen work and accelerating the speed of drive-through meals.

Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, said: “When the restaurant ordering system receives an order, it will send instructions directly to Flippy 2.”

“Flippy 2 is faster, less error-prone, and more reliable than humans.”

“Miso Robotics has spent five years developing Flippy 2 and has only recently launched it on the market.”

“When we put the Flippy 2 in the restaurant, customers take pictures, take videos and ask a lot of questions,” he said. “But when they come back, they don’t seem to be paying much attention anymore.”

“Miso Robotics engineers can see Flippy 2 in real time on the big screen, so they can help if something goes wrong.”

“Flippy 2 is already being used by some fast food chains, including Jack in the Box in San Diego, White Castle in the Midwest and CaliBurger on the West Coast.”

He said three of the major US fast food chains had already started using Flippy 2, but was reluctant to advertise them because they were sensitive to the perception that robots would take jobs from humans. “

“Many people want help with jobs like frying food and are happy to get help because they can do other things.”

He said he believes there will be a day in the future when customers will walk into a restaurant and say to the robot, “Do you remember when humans did these jobs?”

“One day like this is coming, it’s only a matter of time.”

Miso Robotics has also launched Flippy, a burger robot.

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