Many Do Not Know, Here Are 5 Dangers Of Lack Of Sleep, One Of These Is Easy To Get Sick

One of the ways to repair cells that support growth is by sleeping.

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Over 40 years of age can be aware of themselves.

Take care of your health, rest enough and eat healthy food.

One of the ways to repair cells that support growth is by sleeping.

Sleep duration is also an important thing to consider.

Because lack and excess of sleep time can also have a bad effect on our bodies.

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Especially when you are sleep deprived, there are so many things we can experience.

For example, feeling weak and less excited when you wake up.

In fact, we can also have difficulty concentrating, have memory problems, are not moody, and weaken our immune system.

Here are 5 signs that we are not getting enough sleep. Anything? Come on, watch!

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