Many are not aware of kidney disease, Dr. Ema Shares 5 Stages of Kidney Declining Function

PRFMNEWS – Many people don’t realize that they are actually having problems with kidney or disease kidney.

Doctor Ema shares 5 stages of a person experiencing a decline in function kidney.

Many just realized if they were exposed disease kidney when it’s severe at stage four or 5.

Here are 5 stages kidney experienced a decrease in functionality that you should know as quoted from the Goldenuperr YouTube channel.

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1. Kidney Disease Stage 1

Disease kidney Stage 1 functions above 70 percent, usually at this stage it doesn’t cause any symptoms at all, it’s just that it has experienced a slight decrease in function kidney.

2. Kidney Disease Stage 2

Disease kidney at stage 2 or stage 2 decreased function as much as 60 to 89 percent.

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