Many applications open in front of the Windows Store

Microsoft is very much preparing for Windows 11 and the openness seems to be not just verbal.

It’s no secret that Microsoft promises to launch its new store in Windows 11, which will be available in Windows 10 later. More importantly, a lot of change can be expected, as the Redmond giant wants to be more open, and this will be reflected in actual action.

First of all, the Windows Store already lists Win32 applications, so Discord or VLC is now available in this form, and the path is open to alternative browsers, which Opera and Yandex take advantage of.

(source: Windows Developer Blog) [+]

The next step is to allow competing stores, which will be accessed through third-party storefront applications. This will make the app, which opens the door to Epic Games and Amazon, for example, available within the Windows Store.

In the longer term, these changes could pave the way for a number of applications that have so far been excluded for some reason. In this form, Microsoft will offer greater openness, which will obviously result in more applications.



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