Manufacturing Defects in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Units: Reports and Issues

Manufacturing Defects in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Units: Reports and Issues

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Monday, 09/25/2023 12:50 WIB

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia A number of early buyers of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max reported the units they received had ‘manufacturing defects’. This was revealed by leaker Majin Bu via his personal X account.

There have been several reports received regarding defects in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max products. When opening the packaging box, some found that the titanium material had no color at all.

Apart from that, there are also those who report uneven coloring of the titanium material. Another issue is related to the untidy placement of the screen towards the edge of the cellphone.

Previously, Foxconn employees said that the first batch of the iPhone 15 series would have problems. It looks like the leak is not just a rumor.

“Some iPhone 15 units have screens that are placed incorrectly, dirty camera lenses, scratches on the screen, and other signs of damage. There are also reports of paint bubbles and sloppy cellphone coloring,” said Bu, quoted from PhoneArenaMonday (25/9/2023).

“This problem is experienced by the iPhone 15 series sold in the United States, China and European markets,” he added.

Bu also revealed a message from a premium Apple reseller who had detected this problem. The reseller said the most problems were experienced by the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. However, there are also several regular and defective iPhone 15 units.

The reseller emphasized that problems like this were never found on the iPhone 14 series released last year.

Some early buyers of the iPhone 15 also complained on the online forum Reddit. An iPhone 15 Pro Max owner shared a photo showing three cracks on the phone’s screen when it was taken out of the box.

Until now, Apple has not spoken out about this problem. However, for initial buyers who receive a defective product, you should immediately contact Apple to replace the unit.

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