Mansur Yavaş is outraged: I also reject you

The October meeting of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council started tense.

During the pandemic process, financial support was provided by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to the market tradesmen who were damaged due to the first curfew announced by the Ministry of Interior. This support for tradesmen brought with it discussions. The issue came back to the agenda of the parliament.

Responding to the criticisms, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “The curfew came suddenly at 11.30 at night. The shopkeepers, who were to set up a market the next day, put their goods in the area that evening. Only the shopkeepers who left their goods in that area were reached and their goods were bought. This is what happened. Why are we going to help the person who does not take the product there, this person has no harm ”.


Emphasizing that all the aids are documents, Yavaş said that they will be distributed to the members of the council. Meanwhile, when President Yavaş was interrupted from the AKP ranks, the tension suddenly increased.

Saying that he refused the written statement and asked for verbal explanation, Yavaş reacted to the AKP parliament member saying, “I also reject you, you cannot speak without making a promise.” There were tense moments in the parliament as the AKP member continued his speech.

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