Man’s Motive Confessing General’s Family During Mask Raid: Frighten

South Tangerang

The man with the initials RMBF (21), who went viral claiming to be the general’s family when the masks were raided in South Tangerang, he was named a suspect. What suspect’s motive claiming to be the general’s family?

“Yes (scared), maybe like that,” said South Tangerang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iman Imanuddin to reporters at his office, South Tangerang, Wednesday (7/7/2021).

Even so, Iman said that his party did not hesitate to take action against RMBF even though he claimed to have a general’s family.

“And even though the person concerned yesterday at the time of enforcement said that he had a brother general, the safety of the community is the main priority. So the law is indiscriminate and must be enforced,” said Iman.

Separately, South Tangsel Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKP Angga Surya Saputra said the RMBF admitted that the general’s family hoped to be ‘safe’ from being questioned by officers.

“For protection never mind, She thinks it’s safe confess general’s son,” said Angga.

Charged with the Infectious Disease Outbreak Act

Meanwhile, Iman explained that his party would carry out the same law enforcement against health protocol violators during this period Emergency PPM.

“Yes, we will all continue to enforce the law, because we have carried out socialization for the past few days in the enforcement of emergency PPKM. So that if further violations are found, the same thing will be done,” said Iman.

Previously, the police established a suspect status of a teenage boy with the initials RMBF (21), who was caught in a mask raid and claimed to be the family of a police general. RMBF snared Infectious Disease Outbreak Act and the Health Quarantine Act.

“We have imposed Law No. 4 of 1984 on Communicable Disease Outbreaks and Law No. 6 of 2016 on Health Quarantine and Article 216 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, which carries a maximum threat of 1 year,” said Iman.

This determination is a form of firmness from the police in law enforcement for those who violate health protocols.

(mea / fjp)



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