Manon Vaudelle, apprentice at CFA Chartres, named best young baker in France

A little flour, but above all, a lot of talent. This is what it took Manon Vaudelle, a young 19-year-old apprentice at the CFA interprofessionnel de Chartres, to win the title of best young baker (MJB) in France during the national final of the competition which took place in Metz, November 26. “I didn’t think I could,” the young woman smiles shyly. And yet.

After a Professional Certificate of Aptitude (CAP) in pastry making and then a second in bakery, Manon Vaudelle is doing this year an additional mention in pastry making at the CFA and in an establishment in Bailleau-le-Pin. “I have an uncle who is a pastry chef and another baker, so for me it was obvious,” says the winner.

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Selected by its trainers to participate in the competition for the best young baker in France, it brilliantly passes the departmental stage, then the regional stage, before reaching the national final against seventeen other candidates.

For three days, the seventeen contenders for the title are decided during three tests: a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) of forty questions on the first day, a test of setting up of 1 hour 30 the next day and finally, on the last day, the final 7 hour marathon. “We have 6.30 am to make all our preparations: regional bread, country bread, croissants, brioches… We must also present an artistic piece on an imposed theme and a salty bakery creation”, lists the winner of the competition. “The last half hour is devoted to the presentation of our pieces before having an oral, so seven hours goes very quickly! She jokes.

After three days of trials, Manon Vaudelle did not think of winning the title. “I was relieved that it was over, my legs were heavy. Even though I was happy with what I had done, I didn’t expect to win. “

The final of the competition for the best apprentices in France took place from November 17 to 23 in Chartres

Express preparation

And for good reason. While most of the candidates prepare for this final for a whole year, often mentored by the best workers in France (MOF), the best young baker in France has only had… two months. “I have never prepared someone in such a short time. If you want to get there, you have to be more than prepared. I didn’t believe it at all, but we had nothing to lose, ”recalls Emmanuel Tellier, bakery trainer at CFA. “For the regional competition, I gave her two or three tips for two hours at most and she spanked them all the same. (laughs). For the final, we had barely two months. It was double or quits but each time it was double. “

Is the best bakery in France in Chartres?

Despite accelerated preparation, the winner confides:

“I have learned so much in such a short time. Maybe more than two years of training.”

Manon Vaudelle (Best young baker in France 2021)

Building on this success, the ambitions of the young 19-year-old baker did not stop there. New objective: the competition for the best apprentice in France (MAF). “When I see its potential, I tell myself it can work. I saw a lot of young people with qualities but Manon, it is exceptional ”, proudly describes Emmanuel Tellier. Next deadline, next March, for the departmental competition.

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