Manon (48) is the heaviest woman of this ‘Obese’ season

The extra pounds make Manon feel very unhappy with himself. “I no longer do many things that I enjoy. I prefer to lock myself up in the house and go nowhere. I am really ashamed of myself. ”

Her poor diet has ensured that Manon now weighs 175 kilos and has a BMI of 54.3. Together with a trainer, she decides she’s going to try to get into it Obese-trajectory of eight months to lose no less than fifty kilos.


Initially Manon starts off with a flash and she already loses ten kilos in the first month. But due to the corona crisis and working from home, she suddenly falls back completely into her old unhealthy lifestyle. Because of this dip, she falls behind on schedule and the frustration about the goal that she can no longer achieve is great.

Ultimately, in consultation with the trainers, her goal is adjusted to forty kilos off and Manon succeeds. Fortunately she realizes that she can be proud of this achievement. “I have achieved so much in those eight months. Maybe something very stupid, but I can now cross my legs again, that didn’t work at first. And I walk up the stairs again without having to go to the top of the respirator. ”

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View the below Obeseepisode with Manon.

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