Manolova confronts Hadjigenov: Out of the group, if he agrees to be a minister with GERB and MRF – Elections 2021

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First quarrel in the future smallest coalition in the parliament “Stand up! Get out!” was seen today, which led to threats of exclusion and speaking in the media.

A few hours after the elected MP from “Stand up! Get out!” Nikolay Hadjigenov announced that he would sacrifice himself for a minister and that the support of the BSP is needed to “kill the dragon”, his partner Maya Manolova announced that he will not be part of the parliamentary group of the union if he negotiates for a minister and seeks the support of the status quo parties.

This morning, in response to questions in an interview with BNT, Nikolay Hadjigenov said that there should be even a short-term cabinet for changes in the election rules and removal of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev; that Slavi Trifonov should form a cabinet even for the minority; that he would sacrifice himself for a minister, if necessary; and that if they want to kill the dragon, they must take the support of the BSP. Asked about the MRF’s support, he said that if they could get it, how could they return it to a parliamentary republic. Asked about possible support for GERB, he said it would be great because it is the way to liquidate Borissov’s party.

A few hours later, Maya Manolova and Tatiana Doncheva gave a briefing, the reason for which, according to Doncheva, were the reactions on social networks and to journalists at Hadjigenov’s interview. It was not clear from the answers of the two whether they had talked to the lawyer.

According to Manolova, all decisions for support or coalitions will be made in the parliamentary group whose leadership is to be elected. She reminded that the position of the coalition is that it will neither want nor give support to GERB and MRF, and stated that it will not enter into talks with the parties of the status quo, as determined by GERB, BSP and MRF.

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“Nikolay Hadjigenov does not have to be part of our parliamentary group, especially if he intends to become a minister with the support of GERB and MRF. None of the elected deputies who allows himself to enter into agreements will be part of the parliamentary group,” announced Maya Manolova.

It became clear from her words that Slavi Trifonov is expected to announce his plans, as well as that her formation wants changes in the Electoral Code.

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