Mannheim puts 100th charging point into operation and plans to expand HPC

The energy company MVV has put the 100th charging point in the city of Mannheim into operation – including almost exclusively AC devices. In the next expansion stage, which is expected to start this year, MVV is increasingly relying on HPC charging stations with 150 kW and more.

Specifically, the Mannheim-based energy company has set up a total of 98 charging points with 22 kW each, one charging point with 43 kW and one DC charging point with 50 kW since it was launched in 2017 as part of its federally funded MaLIS 1 & 2 charging infrastructure program . The second expansion stage (MaLIS 2) is currently underway, in the course of which 26 additional AC charging points will be added. Before the end of the year, MVV plans to start the third expansion stage (MaLIS 3), which provides for the construction of 16 HPC charging points with 150 to 350 kW and the installation of another 22 AC charging points of 22 kW each in the Mannheim area.

Incidentally, all MaLIS charging stations are integrated into the new regional network TENK, which MVV, Technischen Werke Ludwigshafen and Stadtwerke Heidelberg set up in cooperation with the cities of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg in mid-September. Since then, electric car drivers have been able to charge at more than 180 charging points across all providers in the three neighboring cities.

“Electromobility is an important part of the energy transition. That is why MVV is involved in many different areas here in Mannheim: from the charging infrastructure for e-cars to traffic measurements in the context of smart city applications to car sharing offers such as Franklin mobil, ”says Ralf Klöpfer, member of the MVV Executive Board Energy AG. The company also offers charging solutions for company e-fleets as well as a flexible combination of photovoltaic system, battery storage and charging box in private households for charging e-cars with solar power directly from the roof of your own house.

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