Manifesto not to close nursing homes during the second corona wave

A group of healthcare administrators and well-known Dutch people are calling by means of a manifesto not to close nursing homes in the event of a second corona wave. The manifesto was published in the daily newspaper on Saturday Faithful.

Now that the number of corona infections is rising sharply, the discussion about stricter measures is also getting louder. The signatories of the manifesto believe that the quality of life of residents should be the starting point. Nursing homes must do everything they can to keep the virus out without isolating the residents. “We experienced so much grief last spring when the nursing homes were locked, whether you are a resident, employee or family,” says the Humanitas Foundation to the WE.

The manifest also states that, in the future, nursing homes must decide together with residents whether to close them. Among the well-known Dutch who have signed the manifesto are Hugo Borst, Adelheid Roosen and Carin Gaemers.

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