Manifestation of caregivers : 4 police file a complaint against the nurse apprehended

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Four police officers have filed a complaint against the nurse, including the arrest, during the events of caregivers, Tuesday, June 16, in Paris, sparked controversy.

The images of the arrest muscled a nurse, during the demonstration, caregivers, Tuesday, June 16, in Paris, have sparked controversy on social networks. In the video, we see the protester be questioned unceremoniously on the esplanade des Invalides after throwing stones on the forces of law and order. It is maintain to the ground by several police officers squatted for two minutes. You hear them say : “I have asthma, I want my ventoline please”. A few moments later, police boarded the fifty-year-old in a white blouse, with the front in blood.

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Manifestation of caregivers : what we know of the brutal arrest of a nurse in Paris

Farida C., a nurse for eight years, currently at the geriatrics unit of the hospital Paul-Brousse in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), has acknowledged the facts in his hearing during his time in custody, reports LCI. It has, however, clarified that his anger was not directed towards the forces of law and order but against the State. According to our confreres, four police officers have filed a complaint against the female protester.

This nurse will be tried in September for “insulting”, “rebellion” and “violence on person agent of the public authority”.

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