Maneskin at FqMagazine: “The Green Pass at concerts? Important measure that helps the music industry “and on Miley Cyrus at the Circus Maximus …

That was yesterday an important day for the Maneskins. Before Victoria, Damiano, Thomas e Ethan they went to Capitol to receive in the seat of the City Council from the hands of the mayor Raggi the award “Capitoline Wolf“. “You are wowing the world with your music. Rome is proud of you. You are setting an example for everyone. – said the Rays – In Sanremo the audience was empty but you filled it with your powerful rock. Thanks to you, Eurovision returns to Italy. Let me tell you: from football to music, Europe speaks Italian, indeed a little Roman. Thank you so much for being neither silent nor good“. Then the surprise announcement of the big live event for the first time at the Circus Maximus in Rome on Saturday 9 July 2022. Even before that the band will go on tour in Europe, first appointment in Belgium next 5th August at the Lokerse Festival in Lokeren, and then devote himself to the Italian palaces with a tour of 13 dates all sold out, Delta variant permitting, scheduled for this winter and next year: first appointment in Rome on 14 December at the Palazzo dello Sport.

We interviewed Victoria, Damiano, Thomas and Ethan, during a restricted meeting with the Web, on their return home from the Capitol happy and excited to return to play at any cost, Green Pass included: “Each country in terms of restrictions has its own measures, they are useful and sacrosanct because they allow people to come and listen to us and also for us to play. These are important measures because they also help the music sector battered in this year and a half of pandemic. These are absolutely positive signs of change and a return to normality. We want to have fun and entertain those who come to listen to us“. The post Eurovision hangover is not over yet, the Maneskins are grinding record after record in the charts all over the world and in streaming: “Let’s face it, no one expected such a thing after the victory at Eurovision. We don’t think it happened before that a winner then had such an important sounding board but we don’t say it to boast but just to emphasize how out of the ordinary it is. Now we try to concentrate, play, do what we like also because it is not important to be first at all costs, throughout our life we ​​have given priority to music and our modus operandi will continue like this, regardless of success in the standings “.

A FqMagazine the winners of the Sanremo Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest talked about what they expect for Circus Maximus: “It will be the closing event of a two-year tour and for sure there will be something special, we will certainly differentiate the show that spectators will see at the stadiums“. We dare an invite to Miley Cyrus who has publicly appreciated them on social media, Damiano smiles: “Well if it should be free!“. After the victory at Eurovision, the band suddenly broke off relations with the historical manager Marta Donà who has followed them since X Factor in 2017. Now Maneskin are managed by Exit Music of Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, music producer, former A&R of Sony Music Italia and former music director of “X Factor”. “Ours was an artistic choice, not a personal oneVictoria replied succinctly. After Italy’s success in the European Championships, many associated the Maneskin victory with Eurovision as a positive sign for our country. On the social networks of the band, however, no photos of the national team appeared nor a hint of celebration: “We had the party together with the fans, away from social networks. We celebrated with them but not on Instagram”, They explained. Finally, always active and attentive to the rights of the LGBTQ + community, the band hopes that the Zan Ddl against homotransphobia will be approveddespite a thousand difficulties. Damiano made an appeal: “To all those who are not informed and do not know the issues mentioned in the Bill, I recommend reading the ten points. It is simple, impossible not to agree with what is said ”.


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