Manesh drowned after rescuing those who were drowned in the river.

KM Manesh (42) drowned and died in Erur Kalluparam while rescuing those who fell into the sand pit in the river during the birth and sacrifice ceremony. The incident took place yesterday morning at 10.30 am at the pier near Pazhur Manalpuram. Kalluparampil is the son of Mani and Shanta. Culture was performed.

A group of twenty members came to Pazhur for the sacrifice of Manesh’s maternal uncle. Amal, Sajin and Suryadev, who were standing on the bank of the river near the sand bank, slipped and fell into the water. Manesh, who was swimming, drowned after bringing the three people to the shore. There are potholes in the river at many places on the Eau side where earlier sand casting was done.

He died by the time he was taken to the JMP hospital along with those who were with him and who were doing swimming training. First aid was given to those who fell in the water at Arakunnam AP Varki Mission Hospital. Manesh is an electrician. Wife: Vidyalakshmi (Muthoot Finance, Kochi). Children: Daksha, Diya.

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