Mandous’s joke: At the end, I allowed myself an intervention for the spectators, just that they weren’t in the stadium

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

In the first half, you destroyed two tutovky, first in 10 minutes to Ostrák and then two minutes before the break to Bartošák. How did you see the situation?

For the first time, Karviná shot at the front post when I was moving, ie in counter-movement. Fortunately, I pushed it out. In the second case, it was a very unexpected, hard shot from a great angle, also on the front pole to the gallows, and I left my hand there. Really difficult interventions. That got us a little closer and we won three points.

Back in the game, you already led 2: 0, Karviná could return the alternating Papadopoulos. But did he break his teeth on you too?

Yeah. Somehow it was reflected there, he didn’t have much strength anymore, I think he just fired. He hit me in the leg and the boys eliminated it, so teamwork.

Unlike you, your counterpart Vladimír Neuman has had an unfortunate match. The first goal, when he knocked the ball himself behind his back around the corner of Šimon Falta, is clearly at his expense …

I had it far. I thought he intended to box. But the boys said he wanted to catch it and he failed. It will happen, there will still be such goals. It met almost every one of us. In past matches, what we’ve seen has held a lot. Nobody can blame him for that.

From left Tomáš Ostrák from Karviná and Ondřej Zmrzlý from Olomouc.

Ludek Perina, ČTK

The result of 3: 0 was undoubtedly cruel for Karvina, it did not play badly at all, and that is why your interventions were very important. Do you agree?

Yes. We have already seen in the videos that they play well in combination. They have the right types of players for that. Keeping zero was crucial from the point of view of being able to strike first, which we did. Goals for 2: 0 and 3: 0 were then just such fuses.

It seemed that you gradually became comfortable with the individual successful procedures. In the end, you allowed yourself one effect, when you destroyed the wound again Papodopulose.

The key was mainly the first procedure. I got caught. It was also important from the point of view that we stood for fourteen days and after such a time the goalkeeper needs to quickly gain confidence, self-confidence. I succeeded right at the beginning, so I enjoyed it a lot. In the end, it was for the spectators, just that they were not in the stadium.

The Hanák march continues, they scored six rounds in a row

Did you think about the EURO nomination with a great performance?

I wouldn’t say that. In the Czech Republic, and especially abroad, there are goalkeepers who catch in top competitions and they are a completely different league. At the last national team meeting, I was convinced of that with my own eyes. I was able to train with the best Czech players from the league and from abroad. When you see Vaclík, Pavlenka and Koubek, it will give you a new impetus. I learned a lot from them, but also from other players. It’s all very fast with them and it helped me a lot.

So do you have your life form now?

I catch in the league regularly now, so I guess so. However, it is important to confirm the performances regularly, and to deserve the place. But I guess I really have the form.


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