ManCity Destroyed by Tottenham Hotspur, which Jose Mourinho Really Had

VIVAManchester City beaten Tottenham Hotspur 0-2. Manajer The Citizens, Pep Guardiola, provide an explanation of what happened in the field so that the foster children could fall.

In that match ManCity even excelled in game. They recorded 67 percent of the ball and were able to shoot 22 shots.

Unfortunately, not one goal was able to produce ManCity. On the other hand, Tottenham appeared so effective that they broke into the visitors’ goal twice.

Guardiola is not surprised by this fact. He had predicted this from the start considering that Tottenham was handled by Mourinho, the architect of the team who relied heavily on a pragmatic style of play.

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“We knew from the start that we couldn’t give them a goal. We had a lot of chances, but we fell. Mourinho’s team is like this, if you make a mistake he will punish on the counter-attack,” said Guardiola.

“We did not defend well in the first half. They defended so deep with six players, and it was not easy,” he was quoted as saying. Goal.

The victory makes Tottenham sit at the top of the Premier League standings with 20 points. Meanwhile, ManCity slumped to 11th position with 12 points.

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