Mancini believes that Italy will be strengthened by losing to Spain, he was disappointed by fans

Alessandro Garofalo, Reuters

The Italians fell for the first time since September 2018, when they also lost 0: 1 in the League of Nations in Portugal. “Better when it comes now than in the Euro or World Cup finals,” Mancini told a news conference at the end of the record series. “But despite the defeat, this match will strengthen us even more to understand that we are a really big team,” added the 56-year-old coach.

Home fans on San Sir roared and whistled every time Donnarumm touched the ball. Fans of “Rossoneri” cannot forgive the best player in the European Championship for not signing a new contract in Milan and leaving for Paris for free in the summer. Germain. The 22-year-old goalkeeper was practically without a chance against Ferran Torres’ both goals, but in the first half at 0: 1 he performed an uncertain intervention, after which Donnarummu was saved by a stick.

The semifinals of the League of Nations made Italy cry, the European champions lost after 37 matches

“Of course I was disappointed because Italy played, it was not a club match. One evening they could forget about this situation and maybe whistle when PSG and Milan will face each other. The national team should be above everything else,” Mancini said.

Overview of the longest series of national football matches without defeat:
37 – Italy (October 2018 to October 2021),
35 – Brazil (December 1993 to January 1996), Spain (February 2007 to June 2009),
31 – Argentina (February 1991 to August 1993),
30 – Italy (November 1935 to November 1939), France (February 1994 to November 1996),
29 – Brazil (March 1970 to June 1973), Algeria (from November 2018).

Failed first half

The Italians did not do well in the replay of the July Euro semifinals. From the 17th minute, the home team lost and in the 42nd minute, their captain and stopper Leonardo Bonucci were eliminated after the second yellow card. Just before the break, Torres added a second goal from the Spanish power play.

“It’s a shame, because it was balanced and we were in the game. I don’t beat the defeat, but the red card affected the match. The first half could end 1: 1. We shouldn’t have cashed in the setting,” said Mancini.

“After a change of sides, we gave a good performance. We played in ten, scored a goal (Lorenzo Pellegrini in the 83rd minute) and did not get another,” added the former coach of Fiorentina, Lazio Roma, Inter Milan or Manchester City. The Italian team will challenge the worse of the Belgium-France pair in Turin in Sunday’s match for third place.

Overview of 37 Italian matches without defeat:
date Match Result Type
10.10.2018 Italy – Ukraine 1:1 preparation
14.10.2018 Poland – Italy 0:1 League of Nations
17.11.2018 Italy – Portugal 0:0 League of Nations
20.11.2018 Italy – USA 1:0 preparation
23.3.2019 Italy – Finland 2:0 EC qualification
26.3.2019 Italy – Liechtenstein 6:0 EC qualification
8.6.2019 Greece – Italy 0:3 EC qualification
11.6.2019 Italy – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2:1 EC qualification
5.9.2019 Armenia – Italy 1:3 EC qualification
8.9.2019 Finland – Italy 1:2 EC qualification
12.10.2019 Italy – Greece 2:0 EC qualification
15.10.2019 Liechtenstein – Italy 0:5 EC qualification
15.11.2019 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Italy 0:3 EC qualification
18.11.2019 Italy – Armenia 9:1 EC qualification
4.9.2020 Italy – Bosnia and Herzegovina 1:1 League of Nations
7.9.2020 Netherlands – Italy 0:1 League of Nations
7.10.2020 Italy – Moldova 6:0 preparation
11.10.2020 Poland – Italy 0:0 League of Nations
14.10.2020 Italy – Netherlands 1:1 League of Nations
11.11.2020 Italy – Estonia 4:0 preparation
15.11.2020 Italy – Poland 2:0 League of Nations
18.11.2020 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Italy 0:2 League of Nations
25.3.2021 Italy – Northern Ireland 2:0 World Cup qualification
28.3.2021 Bulgaria – Italy 0:2 World Cup qualification
31.3.2021 Lithuania – Italy 0:2 World Cup qualification
28.5.2021 Italy – San Marino 7:0 preparation
4.6.2021 Italy – Czech Republic 4:0 preparation
11.6.2021 Turkey – Italy 0:3 ME
16.6.2021 Italy – Switzerland 3:0 ME
20.6.2021 Italy – Wales 1:0 ME
26.6.2021 Italy – Austria 2:1 EC – round of 16
2.7.2021 Belgium – Italy 1:2 EC – quarterfinals
6.7.2021 Italy – Spain 1:1, after pin. 4:2 EC – semifinals
11.7.2021 Italy – England 1:1, after pin. 3:2 EC – final
2.9.2021 Italy – Bulgaria 1:1 World Cup qualification
5.9.2021 Switzerland – Italy 0:0 World Cup qualification
8.9.2021 Italy – Lithuania 5:0 World Cup qualification



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