Manchester United lost to Arsenal, Jose peeked into someone else’s notebook, Pogba’s new injury, David Stern’s departure and other morning news – Football

1. The submarine opened 2020: Arsenal defeated Manchester United, Man City defeated EvertonChelsea tied with Brighton, Leicester defeated Newcastle, Southampton prevailed over Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs coach Mourinho quarreled with someone from the opponent’s headquarters, began to look into someone else’s notebook right during the match and got a yellow card for it! Some things never change.

2. Pogba, who has already played 2 matches in the past 3 months, broke again and sort of dropped out for a few weeks. Hmm, is this really an injury or laziness to play before the transfer?

3. In the NHL Dallas defeated Nashville Open Air as part of Winter Classic. Perry injured Ellis a blow to the head and was removed until the end of the match in the 3rd minute. Radulov scored his 12th goaland Guryanov did not realize the bullet.

Today, the entire hockey world will watch MFM. Russia and Switzerland will meet in the quarter finals! New Year’s Eve The “cheese-makers” threw 5 goals to the Finns, and the Russians completely drove 6 into the German gates! Accept 1000 rubles as a gift is a great chance to win with the guys!

4. The English tabloids continue to woo Chalov into British clubs: they write that Fedya may come to Chelsea instead of Werner and Dembele.

5. The losses of Chelsea in the season 2018/19 amounted to 96.6 million pounds. A serious recession, but Chalov will fix everything? ..

6. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Dies. Thanks to his work, the association became the second most popular league in the United States, although before that it was close to bankruptcy. Perhaps passed away yesterday the most important person in basketball history.

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7. On the next game day, the NBA Milwaukee defeated Minnesota and other results.

8. Bolshunov won the feed 15 km in classic style at the 4th stage of the Tour de Ski, Ustyugov – 2nd. Power!

9. In the women’s “Tour de Ski” Ostberg won the 10 km Pursuit, Johaug – 2nd, Nepryaeva – 4th.

10. “Formula 1” introduced anniversary logo for the season 2020. It is also interesting that Kubica became reserve pilot Alfa Romeo.

Further quotes.

Mourinho about the yellow card: “I was rude, but I was rude with an idiot. I deserve it. ”

Artem Dziuba: “I hope forget negativity and anger and we will be kind to each other this year ”

Agent Pogba: Manchester United would ruin even Maradon and Pele

Malafeev about the “Zenith”: “Dynasty team is bornplaying attacking football and collecting full house “

Buchnevich about the subway in New York: “In Moscow much cleaner and more civil

Vasily Berezutsky: “Taboo? “Spartak” – not at once. As for me, it’s a betrayal

Jose Mourinho: “VAR should be called BP. “Assistant Referee” is not true. They are the judges themselves ”

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