Managers go to therapy more often because of corona

Leaders often had a problem with the loss of control experienced when entire workforces were sent to the home office. “All of a sudden, these people lack the security they felt when accessing employees. They became more dependent on it working. And there many are confronted with their own inner pattern: I am good when everything runs perfectly. ”In contrast to the other therapies, the short-term places are also mostly booked by men, says Jürgen Kräutter.

Most managers come to the clinic with the following clinical pictures:

“Depression is the disease of being lost,” says Jürgen Kräutter. “Drive, joie de vivre, strength, inner peace, balance are lost.” What happens under stress can be compared to a left-hander who has been trained on the right hand: under normal conditions, the right-hand man gets along well. Under stress, however, the left hand jumps forward and wants to act – but it has forgotten how to do it. Similar to the hand parable, people in extreme situations resorted to very old childhood behavior patterns. However, these no longer worked under the conditions of later professional life, in the course of which people continually acquire new patterns of behavior and behavior. The result: “Access to the sources of strength that are in ourselves is blocked,” says Kräutter. “This creates a feeling of inner emptiness, you literally stand next to yourself, feel alone, worthless – and are no longer productive.”

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