Manage Work & Entertainment on One Laptop, Why Not? ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) is the solution

Anytime Plus – Can you do daily work, explore creativity and play games on one laptop? This question has certainly been felt by the current generation. Both content creators, start-up crews, and gamers often experience moments when their favorite laptop cannot operate optimally.

Moreover, the mobility that is at its peak every day also inevitably requires that everyone is supported by a versatile device. No need to worry, KLovers!

All your daily needs, starting from work, exploring talent and creativity, even gaming can now be done on one laptop, namely the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513). How great is it?

Qualified Specifications for Work and Entertainment

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When hunting for a new laptop, the moment that should not be missed is looking for specifications as needed. Well, the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) is a device with qualified specifications for all your activities.

The ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) in our hands is powered by an 11th generation Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 processor. With this latest generation processor from Intel, you can easily multitask by opening several applications at once without worrying about lag and slowness.

The ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) version of the 11th generation Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 processor is also equipped with 4GB of RAM which can be upgraded up to 20 GB. For storage, this latest generation laptop from ASUS is also supported by a 256GB SSD and an extra 2.5-inch SATA slot that supports up to 1TB which makes storage extra spacious.

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It’s even more complete because the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) has also been supported by Intel® WiFi 6 Gig+ (802.11ax) for super-fast connectivity. The fingerprint sensor is also embedded to increase the security of the laptop with this super relieved battery life.

Sharpen Unlimited Creativity

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The problem with content creators, graphic designers, and audio designers is that the visual appearance of the laptop screen is lacking in detail. This problem can be solved. ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) is supported by an ASUS OLED screen with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) that supports HDR features.

This laptop is also supported by an immersive three-sided NanoEdge display for stunning visual details. Coloring matters, visual details, and color saturation are also very special thanks to the ability to reproduce colors up to 100% in the DCI-P3 color gamut and have PANTONE Validated Display certification.

ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) is also supported by qualified audio quality that has been certified by an audio specialist, namely Harman Kardon to produce the best audio quality. There is also AI noise-canceling audio to drown out annoying sounds when conducting online meetings.

More Stylish with Aesthetic Design Laptops

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Not only has a fierce performance, the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513) is also supported by an aesthetic body design. Having a minimalist design and only weighing 1.7kg, this laptop has 3 unique color choices that will also complement your OOTD in every moment.

Whether to create a cheerful, youthful, or even firm impression, it can be displayed in 3 color choices, such as Indie Black, Hearty Gold, to Transparent Silver.

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Now with just one laptop you can multitask everyday. Starting from daily work, exploring creativity, even playing your favorite games can really be done on the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 OLED (K513). #SeeTheDIFFERENCE and feel the sensation now.



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