Man who tried to breach FBI office shot dead Attempted Attack on FBI Office; A suspected Trump supporter with far-right views has been shot dead

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A gunman who tried to break into the FBI building in Cincinnati, USA, was shot dead. When security forces arrived, he escaped by car to Clinton County, Ohio.

Then the police asked him to surrender but he refused to give in and tried to hide in a corn field and was killed in the encounter. Although the police have not yet identified the deceased, 42-year-old Ricky Schiffer was killed, the New York Times and CNN reported.

He may have had extreme right-wing views. Investigators said they are looking into the circumstances behind the man’s attempt to break into the FBI office. Last Monday, the FBI searched the residence of former US President Donald Trump in Florida. It is not clear if the incident is related to this.

The police are also checking whether he has any connection with the extremist organizations that tried to attack the US Parliament building on January 6, 2020. He had shared a video on Facebook of himself participating in a pro-Trump demonstration at the Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington on January 5, 2021, shortly before the Capitol attack.

In the meantime, reports about the post, which is believed to have been shared by Schiffer on the social media platform ‘Truth Social’ started by Trump’s media company, also emerged. “If you don’t hear from me, it’s true that I tried to attack the FBI, which means either I got kicked off the internet, the FBI caught me, or they sent the regular cops…” .

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