Man who molested neighbors put up banners prohibiting dogs from defecating, warns of ‘risks’


The man with the initials JA (47) had to deal with the police after hitting his neighbor, AH (59), which left him dead. JA is emotional because victim dog pooping in front of his house.

Investigate an investigation, this is not the first time JA has protested about dog droppings in front of his house. He even put up a banner in front of his house which prohibits dogs from defecating (BAB).

This was confirmed by the Head of the Cengkareng Police, Iptu Bintang.

“That’s right (the perpetrator put up a banner in front of the house),” said Bintang when asked for confirmation, Thursday (29/7/2021).

Bintang also shared a photo of the banner. The banner is predominantly yellow.

This area is monitored by CCTV 24 hours. It is strictly forbidden to bring dogs to defecate in front of the wall/fence of a resident’s house or on a public road,” reads the banner posted in front of his house.

At the end of the sentence, a warning is written.

“Ignoring this means you are prepared to take the risk,” reads the banner.

Fighting Because of Dog Poop

As is known, this incident began with a dispute between the victim and the perpetrator JA. This squabble ended up beating which resulted in the victim dying.

The incident occurred on Saturday (24/7). It started when AH’s daughter took the poodle for a walk around the housing complex in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, in the afternoon.

The dog then pooped in front of JA’s house. JA rebuked the victim’s child and the victim’s child took the dog droppings.

This incident then reached the ears of the victim. The victim then went to JA’s house until a fight broke out.

JA who was ignited by emotion then threw a blow to the victim’s cheek until fainting. The victim was then taken to the hospital, but died that night.

The police have named JA as a suspect. JA is also official arrested police.

“He has been detained. We apply Article 351 paragraph 3 to the suspect, the threat is 7 years,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cengkareng Police, Iptu Bintang when contacted, Wednesday (28/7/2021).

Watch Video: CCTV Fights 2 Men Ended Death Due to Dog Poop

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