Man who kicked dog fatal, reports to police | Inland

The man who sold a shovel to the dog Woezel (7) of the Offenberg family from Nijverdal on Saturday morning has reported to the police. The family reports this on Facebook. Woezel did not survive the kick to his head.

The family received thousands of responses and statements of support from around the country on Saturday night after a social media call calling on the man who kicked it to contact or report to the police.

Dog Woezel was killed on Saturday morning during a walk in the woods behind Het Ravijn swimming pool, when he ran after another dog. That went with some grunts and a bite. The owner of the other dog then lashed out and kicked the dog to death. He did not want to know anything about an apology or further contact at that time, the family said on Saturday evening.

The person in question has now reported to the police, according to family members. A spokeswoman for the police is currently unable to say what will happen next. More answers may follow after the weekend.

Dear statements of support and angry reactions

The family thanks everyone who shared the message and those who responded to the drama. The family is now asking for peace to come to terms with the death of their beloved pet. The message also provoked a lot of anger and angry reaction. ‘We want to ask people who post threatening / intimidating comments to stop doing so. We are very sad and cannot get our dog back with this’, can be read in a new Facebook post.

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