Man Utd fan shows how Juventus players treated him

Cristiano Ronaldo is at a crossroads in his career.

With widespread reports that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is keen to leave Manchester United, everyone is wondering what the 2022/23 season could look like for player and club.

And while, yes, it’s interesting to wonder if Ronaldo could move to Chelsea, Bayern Munich or even stay in the end, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the whole situation is what he says about United. .

Ronaldo drama escalates

After all, it’s been surprising to notice that much of the reaction to Ronaldo’s will-away desires has been more critical of the status quo at Old Trafford than of the player himself.

There is a palpable resonance among many fans that the disasters of the 2021/22 season have essentially led to Ronaldo’s fairy tale return ending after just a year – and they hardly blame him for it.

As such, there is a lot of thinking time spent among supporters wondering what lessons can be learned from the current United squad based on Ronaldo’s reported decision.

Mark Goldbridge enters the debate

And a fan stroking his hypothetical beard at the thought of it all isMark Goldbridge who is best known to the wider football community as the always entertaining presenter ofThe United Stand.

Goldbridge is a die-hard Ronaldo fan, believing him to be the greatest footballer of all time, as well as a vocal critic of the leaks that were supposed to come out of the dressing room earlier this year.

And amidst all the talk surrounding the Ronaldo situation, this week Goldbridge decided to post a video from the Juventus dressing room after the legendary 3-0 comeback against Atletico Madrid.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Round of 16 second leg – Juventus v Atletico Madrid – Allianz Stadium , Turin, Italy – March 12, 2019 Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring their first goal REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

“How players with the winning mentality react to Ronaldo”

The post, which has amassed more than 15,000 likes and 1,500 retweets at the time of writing, read: “This is how players with a winning mentality are reacting to Ronaldo. United players are lowering the tools and leaking negativity about him. Standards.”

It’s certainly caused a stir on Twitter too, with some fans sharing it in complete agreement and others taking issue with the point, so be sure to make up your own mind by watching how the Juve squad treated the big man himself. :

It is complicated.

Has Goldbridge scored a point?

What Goldbridge seems to mean is that Juventus players have truly embraced Ronaldo, embracing and celebrating him as more important than any other individual in the team.

While, on the contrary, there were many reports and so-called ‘leaks’ coming from United implying that the addition of Ronaldo had not been the fairy tale comeback story it promised to be.

Now, whether either of these dynamics are true or not or healthy can only be answered by the players themselves, as there is certainly evidence that also goes against the argument. wider.

Ronaldo scores for Juventus.
Soccer Football – Serie A – Juventus v Udinese – Allianz Stadium, Turin, Italy – 3 janvier 2021 Cristiano Ronaldo de la Juventus célèbre son premier but REUTERS / Massimo Pinca

It’s hard to imagine anyone in the dressing room at Old Trafford feeling alienated or intimidated by the addition of Ronaldo just insofar as it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at Juventus. completely different from signing anyone else in the sport – and that has its downsides as well as upsides.

What can be ascertained beyond reproach, however, is that having Ronaldo in your squad is completely different to signing anyone else in the sport – and that has its negatives as well as its positives.

Unless you’re willing to make it the focal point of your tactics and unless you’re willing to jump on board with his win-at-all-costs attitude, then things won’t be so simple.

And that’s something to keep in mind for any clubs potentially looking to loosen their purse strings for the Portuguese icon.

“Lisandro Martinez ARE THE CONDITIONS OK? Shame on Ronaldo!” (Football Terrace)

Maybe you’ll get scenes similar to what Goldbridge shares from the Juventus locker room, maybe not, but let’s face it, Ronaldo’s signature – unbelievable as he is – makes for soothing medicine all evils.

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