Man U stick to herd! Liverpool can’t just penetrate into the fourth pass

“Reds” penetrate the defensive line “Red Devils” do not even match without a score 0-0, resulting in Manchester United has an additional 37 points to hold the crowd, while Liverpool did not win in the fourth league game. Consecutive ranks third with 34 points and if the night “blue sailboat” collect three points will make them fall into the 4th place immediately in the red-hot English Premier League game on Sunday night.

Field: Anfield

Super Big English Premier League match on Sunday night, January 17, the past is a “red boiling” battle of the top two teams. Former champion and deputy leader of the Liverpool crowd at Anfield to receive an all-time rival, Man United, the leading team.

In the last 10 games, every match that they both met, “Red Devils” won only one victory over “Reds”, in 2018 at Old Trafford. As for the last game that the Red Devils invaded to win, it had to go back to the league game on January 17, 2016 or today, 5 years ago, to beat Wayne Rooney’s triumphant goal.

Jürgen Klopp recently led the team to victory in the latest FA Cup game after beating out Aston Villa 4-1, but before that in the league they had not won three in a row. Today ready to deliver three dangerous faces: Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, while the midfield sends Sir Shaqiri to form a game with Thiago and Georgi. Nyo Wijnaldum, captain Jordan Henderson, retreated to center-back.

On the side, Ole Gunnar Solcha, the boss of “Red Devils”. Excellent performance without losing in the league for 11 games in a row, the latest attacking to beat Burnley 1-0 until becoming the top of the league. First time The game came in full swing, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernand led the team with Marcus Rashford, leaving Anthony Marcial on target.

First half start It is the home team who dominates the game for more than the third minute. Andrew Robertson semi-fires in the front of the frame, but the ball is deep in the net.

After the first 10 minutes, the game image remains close. Each side carefully played each other tightly.

14 minutes, Roberto Firmino has a chance to beat, but to block Maguire, the ball comes in the way of Andrew Robertson, but the ball glides over the beam.

The home team’s game flickered over. And close to getting more goals, in the 17th minute, Shaqiri stabbed the ball deep for Sadio Mane to run to collect the ball before slapping the latter night, allowing Firmino to run and hit the left side again.

It is also a “Reds” who put pressure on hard 22 minutes Firmino has another shot but still blocked. Bouncing in to his feet, Salah stomped on the left outside the box and still flew for another two minutes. But still not pressing down, floating far above the ground

34 minutes “Red Devils” got the first chance to win the first free kick outside the box over 25 yards and Bruno Fernand’s spinning the ball over the wall but stuck on the side of the curve, unfortunately out of the post.

Less than a minute later, “Reds” garden back up to the left, Mo Salah dabble in the center cut into the frame before the ball comes into the way, Roberto Firmino shoots not good enough, the ball goes into David’s hand. De Gea marks the first goal of today’s game.

At the end of the first half, Liverpool who had more opportunities but could not penetrate the defense of Man United were still 0-0.

Returning to the second half, “Reds” still concentrate on attacking and better possession of the ball.

58th minute Andrew Andrew Roberts’s cross from the left to the far post ball was going to Roberto feed has Tolentino tug-foot shot but hit Harry took a shot Andrew R. dunk the ball. Out narrowly

After an hour of the game, Ole Gunnar Solschar fixed the game by removing Anthony Marcial and sending Edinson Cavani to play instead.

In the 62nd minute, the Reds continued to press this time, Mohamed Salah made it to the left before trying to shoot the first post, but the ball ricocheted Maguire’s leg again.

Three minutes later It was the first chance to shoot into the frame of “Red Devils”, the ball responded from Fred to the front for Bruno Fernand to dribble into the front of the frame, but the ball went into the hand of Alesson Becker.

75 minutes, the red devil leads the local unfortunately. After Rashford’s counterball came up to the left, before raising a cameo into the frame, then for Luke Shaw, who ran around after Lied to Bruno Fernand Spat on the right, but still stuck. Alesson Becker’s legs

78 minutes “Reds” was almost the last opponent to lead as well, this time it was Thiago Alcantara, turning around before hitting a full force outside the box. But still not passing David De Gea’s hand to brush off

83 minutes, Red Devils almost win another goal, Aaron Wan-Bissaka pulls it up and has Paul Pogba press with a narrow right corner, but still gets into the hand of Alice Song Save.

The rest of the time, both teams could not score goals together. Liverpool could only finish the game with Manchester United 0-0, sharing points together, making the “Red Devils” still crowned at the top of the crowd.

List of players of both teams

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alesson Becker-Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Andrew Robertson-Xerdansha Giri (Curtis Jones, p. 76), Thiago Alcantara, Jorginyo Wijnaldum (James Milner, n.89) – Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino (Divock Origi p.85), Sadio Mane

Manager: Jürgen Klopp

Man United (4-2-3-1): David de Gea – Aaron’s – Bistro Osaka, Victory Marlins de Loveland, Harry took a shot Andrew R., Luke Shaw – Scott Mack Tomi. Ney, Fred-Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernand (Mason Greenwood n.90), Paul Pogba-Anthony Marcia. L (Edinson Cavani, p. 61)

Team Manager: Ole Gunnar Solcha

Referee: Paul Tierney

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