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The police received a report at 1.40pm about a car accident at Lundeslettene, says Tom Einar Gausdal in the Agder police district.

– And while we sent resources to the scene, several calls came from the same area from motorists who had ended up in a queue after the accident. They said a man tried to break into cars at the scene.

Gausdal says the police took it as if he was trying to steal cars in order to flee the scene.

The cars involved in the accident on the E18 were collected by car salvagers on Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

Jumped on the hood

Witnesses NRK has spoken to say that the man tried to get into several cars.

Former NRK employee Leif Solberg was on his way home from Oslo when he saw someone running around and waving their arms at the scene of the accident. He got to see the man before he was taken by the police.

– He didn’t seem safe. Afterwards I spoke to one of the motorists from whom the man had tried to take the car. She had told him that there was no question of giving up the car with her dogs in it, and somehow she managed to stop him.

Witness Leiv Solberg about the traffic accident in Tvedestrand

Leiv Solberg witnessed the man who tried to threaten cars.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

Another eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that the man jumped on the bonnet of the car, squatted down and stared through the windscreen at the two people in the car.

– It was a really terrifying experience. First we see a man trying to get into the car in front of us, and then he runs towards us and jumps onto the bonnet, which gets a dent, says the witness.

The man was perceived as angry and intoxicated.

– That you should experience that people are out driving when you shouldn’t be driving in broad daylight is bad, says Solberg.

At 15.15 the police announced that the man had been arrested and charged with threats.

Clear marks on the car after a traffic accident Tvedestrand

There are clear footprints of the man who jumped onto the hood of the eyewitness.

Photo: Private

Knowledge of the police

The accident should involve a rear-end collision. The man who behaved threateningly must have driven his car into the car in front.

Police Superintendent Bernt Skjeggedal tells NRK on Sunday evening that the man who is now charged with threats is known to the police.

He is at the hospital in Arendal on Sunday evening to take routine blood tests.

Traffic was at a standstill for a while after the accident, which happened at around 1.30pm on Sunday.

Armed police

According to The friend of the fatherland was ordered to arm in connection with the call-out. There was still a lot of police at the scene at 3 p.m.

There was a complete standstill in traffic after the accident. A total of four people were involved, and all were sent by ambulance to Sørlandet Hospital. No one should be seriously injured.

Just after 3 p.m., both cars were removed and traffic flowed as normal.

Car protection after an accident on the E18 at Lundeslettene Tvedestrand where a man threatened cars.

Wreckage remains at the twisted guardrail after the traffic accident in which four people were involved.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

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