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Casais today launched the construction of the Oeiras hotel unit of the B&B Hotels Group, a project that involves an investment of seven million euros and designed taking into account the strategy of flexibility in the use of the building.

The completion of the B&B Hotel Lisbon Oeiras is scheduled for the second half of 2021, a time that will allow us to better understand the direction of the impact of the pandemic on tourism and whether the recovery will be faster or slower.

Speaking to Lusa, the executive president (CEO) of the Casais Group, António Carlos, acknowledged the challenges that the pandemic came to pose, mentioning, however, that the situation did not influence the launch of the hotel unit in Oeiras and the others that the Group has in portfolio.

“Our projects were created to be flexible”, explained António Carlos, that is, they are designed in a way that they can “be converted into another type of use”, namely in shorter or longer term housing, adapting to the needs of the market .

This alignment of usage concepts with future trends, stated the CEO of Casais, also allows to face the “future with more confidence”.

Despite the effects of the pandemic on tourism, António Carlos says that Portugal has managed to maintain a strong level of attractiveness and that the reduction in foreign tourists is mainly associated with the movement difficulties they have.

With 93 rooms, capacity for 189 beds and 19 indoor parking spaces, the B&B Hotel Lisbon Oeiras is part of the batch of six hotel units of the B&B Hotels Group built by Casais, which assumes the promotion of five of these hotels, namely Montijo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Olhão and Guimarães, in addition to Oeiras.

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The B&B Hotel do Montijo is scheduled to open at the end of this year, being the first of this batch of five to be opened.

Created in 1958, Casais currently operates in 16 countries, in addition to Portugal.

In turn, B&B Hotels is a hotel chain that started in France in 1990. Since then, it has opened hotels in Germany, Italy, Morocco, Poland and Portugal, having more than 500 units across Europe.

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