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Man survived 23 days at negative temperatures in Alaska

UA 30-year-old man survived exposure to negative temperatures in Alaska. Tyson Steele’s survival story culminated last Thursday when he was rescued by Alaskan police, who found him in a remote area. The man was near a makeshift shelter and a sign of SOS made in the snow, according to Sky News.

Steele lived in isolation, with only his dog Phil in a room made of plastic and canvas. On the 17th of December, this room burned completely and his bigeye died.

No means to communicate with your family or the authorities, with your nearest neighbor 32 kilometers awayINSTANCEWith no roads nearby and surrounded by forest, mountains and rivers, Steele’s only option was to try to survive Alaska’s extreme nature and freezing temperatures until rescued.

After being able to extinguish the fire, it recovered some of the food that had stored in the room and that would give to him for two years. The first few nights, Tyson Steele slept in a sleeping bag in a small cave that he dug in the snow. But in the face of negative temperatures, he had to build a makeshift shelter and wrote the sign of SOS hoping someone to fly over to area See you.

Without weeks of hearing from Steele, his family and friends asked the authorities to check on the man’s welfare. And that was how on Thursday an Alaskan police team in a helicopter caught a glimpse of SOS and saw Steele waving to them, a moment that was recorded on video and published on Facebook Police

He was transported to Anchorage, where his first orders were fulfilled: a bath and a meal at McDonald’s.



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