Man shocked as woman brings 23 relatives on blind date in China

The man was shocked by the act of his companion.

In China, a man who arranged a blind date at his favorite restaurant was shocked when a woman showed up with her 23 relatives.

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The matchmaker introduced a young man named Liu from Jilin Province to Zhang. Their first conversations went well and they agreed to meet at a restaurant.

Zhang arrived on time for her date, but she was accompanied by two dozen of her relatives. Liu did his best to take the situation calmly, but was overwhelmed at the end of the evening when the bill was brought to him.

The total cost of the extravagant romantic dinner was about 20,000 yuan (about $3,000).

According to Liu, the Zhang extended family enjoyed the evening immensely, ordering large quantities of expensive cigarettes and only the finest wines and spirits.

Liu could not afford to pay the huge bill on his own and chose to leave the establishment. As a result, his companion was forced to pay herself. She later contacted Liu and asked him to return half of the amount.

When he offered only 4,000 yuan (just over $550) in return, the outraged woman decided to sue him.

However, after hearing the case, the judge ruled in Liu’s favor. He was told to pay only 1,400 yuan – $196 – enough to cover what Liu himself ate and drank, as well as the cost of his companion’s meals.

Whether they had a second date is unknown.

Recall that the man on the first date ordered a bunch of food and ran away with it. His companion surprised what happened next.

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