Man sexually abused two children, one of them committed suicide

Edgar Enrique Espinoza Urquiola (34), nicknamed Shrek, was accused of sexually abusing two brothers, ages 7 and 11, “for a long time.”

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The information was released by the director of the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigation Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, on his Instagram account.

He specified that through a security device carried out in Gramoven, Tamanaquito sector, Sucre parish, Libertador municipality, Caracas, the arrest of the alleged aggressor materialized.

He explained that, for a long time, this subject sexually abused the 11-year-old boy, who was his neighbor and he, tired of the situation, chose to take his own life.

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It transpired that, after exhaustive field work, it was determined that the victim’s brother, a seven-year-old boy, was also being sexually abused; the victims went to the home of the perpetrator, since he took advantage of the fact that the mother of the children went out to work.

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The case was left to the order of the Public Ministry.

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