Man played the lottery and ended up winning more than $90 million after using a strategy he saw on television

02 jul. 2022 – 16:06 hrs.

A man decided to play the lottery and ended up winning more than $100,000 dollarsequivalent to more than 90 million Chilean pesosafter trying a strategy inspired by a TV show.

The event occurred in South Carolina, United States, and, according to what was reported by local media, the lucky winner used a method that he learned from space “Lottery Changed My Life” del canal TLC.

The strategy

According to CNN Spanishthe strategy consisted of spending $25 dollars (just over $23 thousand Chilean pesos) a week for three months in a lottery game known as “Powerball”.

During the first week, he made $500 ($466,000), but in the seventh week, he took home $100,000 ($932,000).

The millionaire jackpot, however, was won on May 28. At first, he thought he had won $50,000 ($46 million) by matching two numbers, but luckily his wife rechecked the ticket and confirmed that he had actually matched four of the five white numbers, plus the red digit, which which increased the prize.

“I didn’t even know how to play”

“I didn’t even know how to play Powerball”the lucky winner told South Carolina Lottery officials.

With all his victories, the man bought a new car, and assured that he will continue with his strategy of playing the lottery for three months.

It should be noted that the probabilities of matching four numbers of the white ball and the red Powerball are 1 in 913,129according to the South Carolina Lottery site.

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