Man in West Jakarta Who Persecuted Neighbors Because of Karate Master Dogs


The man with the initials JA (47) had to deal with the police after persecuting his neighbors, AH (59), to his death in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. JA molested the victim only because of the dog victim defecate. Who is this JA figure?

“He (the actor) opened a culinary business online,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Cengkareng Police, Iptu Bintang when contacted, Wednesday (28/7/2021).

Bintang said that previously JA had worked as a private employee in a company. However, he was laid off so he decided to open a culinary business independently online.

The star also revealed that the perpetrator had basic martial arts.

“(JA) is not an athlete, once had basic self-defense, namely karate,” said Bintang.

Known, this event begins seconds victim’s dog poop in front of JA’s house. The victim’s child who knew it immediately took the dog droppings.

Suspect JA, who saw the victim’s dog pooping in front of his house, did not accept it. He then rebuked the victim’s child.

This matter had a long tail until the victim finally came to the front of the perpetrator’s house. The two then quarreled until the suspect hit the victim.

The victim fainted and fell to the asphalt after being hit by the perpetrator. That night, the victim was declared die.

JA has now been designated a suspect. He was also arrested for acts of persecution that resulted in the victim’s death.

Watch the video: CCTV bickering between 2 men leads to death from dog droppings

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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