Man in West Jakarta Persecutes Neighbors to Death by Dogs, This Is What He Looks Like


Just because of the problem dog pooping in front of the house, a man with the initials JA (47) in West Jakarta has the heart to torture his neighbor AH (59). AH was beaten to death by the perpetrator.

“If the motive is temporary because he is emotional, the dog will urinate in front of his house,” said Head of the Cengkareng Police Sector Iptu Bintang when asked for confirmation, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

The incident began when on Saturday (24/7) afternoon, the victim’s daughter with the initials J brought a dog of the type poodle walking around the housing complex in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. The dog was then released and pooped in front of JA’s house.

The perpetrators of JA who knew about the incident did not accept it. He then asked J to bring his father to meet him.

“The perpetrator brought his father, ‘Bring your father here’. He (the victim’s child) brought his father, maybe his father would not accept that his son scolded. There was a fight over there, finally getting hit on the cheek,” said Bintang.

Long story short, AH came to the house of the perpetrator and an argument ensued. AH the emotional then hit the victim until he fell and unconscious.

“Yes (the perpetrator hit first) straight away. CCTV is there, it’s just not clear that it was beaten continuously. The witness also had a neighbor of the victim who saw two houses from the perpetrator’s house. (The victim) was hit, most likely he fell on the head,” he said.

Perpetrator Arrested

After the assault, the victim was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. But unfortunately, the victim couldn’t survive and died at night.

“As soon as there was information, yesterday we immediately checked the crime scene. Not long after that, we secured the perpetrators. already we secure. Then from there we went to the hospital to check on the victim, the victim was gone. We direct the child to make a report,” said Bintang.

“So he was taken to the hospital, still conscious ever talk, just windy stammered like that,” he continued.

The suspect has now been arrested by the police and is a suspect. Perpetrators are subject to the Criminal Code Law Article 351 paragraph 3 concerning Persecution that causes the loss of a person’s life.

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