Man flying over the crater of an active volcano (video)

Sebastian Alvarez walks 10 meters from the edge of the crater

Sebastian Alvarez became the first person to fly in the crater of an active volcano. The 36-year-old Chilean is one of the best Wingsuit pilots in the world.

Alvarez flew through the Villarica crater in Chile, having previously jumped from a plane. It passes only 10 meters above the edge of the crater, and in the meantime its speed is 180 km / h.

To accomplish his achievement, Alvarez carefully studied the volcano, calculated the average air pressure, determined the current and wind speed in the crater.

The Chilean became interested in Wingsutting in 2006, having previously been a military pilot.

The Wingsway is essentially a special suit that allows a person to fly when jumping from a height. The sport is dangerous and there are no deaths. Alvarez is a “veteran” with experience on several continents, and his achievements include extreme flights over the Dolomites in Italy.


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