Man charged with attempted murder after stabbing in Rygge

For the time being, the police uphold the charge of attempted murder against the man in his 30s, police lawyer Stine Wesseltoft in the Eastern police district informs NTB on Saturday afternoon.

The man who was stabbed was less injured than first thought and will be discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

Victims will be discharged from the hospital during the day. The injuries are not as serious as first thought. He was operated on during the night, and it was not as extensive as we first thought, Wesseltoft told NTB.

The police were notified of the incident at 22.33 on Friday night. The man in his 30s was flown to Ullevål hospital on Friday night. He had been stabbed inside a hotel in Halmstad in Rygge in Moss municipality. The man in his 30s, who was arrested by the police on the spot, is charged with attempted murder. The two men were known to each other, police say.

On Saturday, the accused had been appointed lawyer Jostein Løken as defense counsel. However, neither the accused nor the victim had been questioned about the incident yet, but the police will try to have conversations with the parties during the day.

– The charge of attempted murder has so far been upheld. I can not say if it will be changed, says Wesseltoft.



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