“Man arrested for car theft and injuring family in Makkah’s Batha Quraysh neighborhood”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The security services in Makkah managed to arrest a young man who stole a car and injured the driver’s wife and two children, in the “Batha Quraysh” neighborhood.

In detail, the husband, wife, and their two children were in the car returning home, and before arriving, the husband stopped next to a commercial store to buy some necessities, and left the car in running mode with his wife and two children inside. According to “Harmony”.

The wife was surprised when the perpetrator entered the vehicle and tried to steal it, so she opened the vehicle door to get out with her two children, but the perpetrator drove the vehicle at a high speed.

The perpetrator dragged the wife on the asphalt for about half a kilo, after the “cloak” was attached to the front door of the vehicle, and in her hand was her child, who suffered a broken arm after being run over, and the other child was injured as a result of his fall from the vehicle.

Security patrols conducted the incident, and were able to apprehend the perpetrator after he fled, and the necessary legal measures were taken.

A person hijacked a parked car with a woman and two children inside, and injured them after they fell from the vehicle in Makkah

2023-05-11 05:03:49
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