Man Arrested After Shooting Through Neighbor’s Apartment Door in Hamburg

Status: 05/28/2023 2:33 p.m

After an argument, a 48-year-old is said to have shot through his neighbor’s apartment door in Hamburg. The act happened in an apartment building on Tibarg in the Niendorf district.

In the house, there are said to have been arguments with the 48-year-old. The situation escalated on Saturday evening. At around 9:45 p.m., the man shot a rifle at the closed door of a neighbor’s apartment. The 24-year-old was at home with a relative at the time, but both women were unharmed. They immediately dialed 911, police said on Sunday.

Suspected shooter arrested

More than a dozen patrol cars rushed to the apartment building, and special forces were also deployed. When the alleged shooter suddenly came out of his apartment, the officers were able to arrest him and search his apartment.

More firearms and Nazi symbols found

There, in addition to the alleged murder weapon, the forces found other firearms, a knife and unconstitutional symbols, such as a picture of Adolf Hitler and a dagger with SS runes engraved on them. That’s why state security is now investigating. The suspect is now in custody.

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