Man and goose in the same tank

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Currently, more and more acts of the alleged murderer of 14-year-old Ayleen are becoming known. Because they were reported to different authorities, the full extent only gradually comes to light – and with it the criticism of the authorities. Didn’t communicate with each other? In addition, the Higher Labor Court in Frankfurt has declared the facility-related vaccination requirement to be legal and dismissed the complaint by employees of a retirement home in the Gießen district. If only a lawsuit would help drive the Egyptian geese out of the swimming pools… a pretty desperate wish. Since the critters would not be able to read such a verdict and would otherwise hardly be impressed by attempts to evict them, bathers and pool operators are now at a loss.

Marie Lisa Kehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Investigations and processing: Could the death of 14-year-old Ayleen have been prevented? Have investigative authorities, courts, probation and psychiatric services misjudged the alleged perpetrator? Questions that are currently dealing with the State Criminal Police Office. The scale of the case could be even greater than previously thought. It is to be feared that the 29-year-old man from Waldsolms sexually molested many more young girls than previously known. All of this is said to have happened during the time he was under surveillance through the recidivist sex offender program. Most of the proceedings, recorded in various departments, were apparently later dropped by the judiciary. In order to get a better overview of the situation, the files should now be processed. The Hessian State Criminal Police Office is attempting to bring together and analyze the many individual cases. In this way, omissions should also be named and existing structures revised. The Ministry of the Interior also announced on Thursday that it would work with the Ministry of Justice to examine the programs for recidivist sex offenders as well as for repeat and frequent offenders.

Poultry in the outdoor pool: The split relationship between city dwellers and Egyptian geese is well known. In the spring, when the chicks hatch and they waddle along the bike paths, there is a lot of photography and commentary. They are “sweet”. Just golden. If the same goose, meanwhile a bit bigger, no longer quite as fluffy and not submissively shy because of the big city school, but self-confidently hissing, runs in front of the mobile phone camera half a year later, violent fantasies break out. Poison, shoot, fry. The list of suggestions that the editors are regularly presented with is long. The geese are not impressed. Their position is clear: the city belongs to you as much as to the people. And they no longer want to be driven out of the outdoor pools. In Eschersheim, the guests regularly have to share the pool with the poultry. Much to the annoyance of visitors and staff. The geese are a burden, says Boris Zielinski, managing director of the Frankfurt baths, for example. “Our people are very busy cleaning up the in-water and out-of-water baths.” He calls for the problem to finally be tackled at a higher level. Our editor Daniel Meuren recalls how many attempts there have already been to drive the Egyptian geese out of the cityscape and the baths, why many a plan has failed and why one or the other hunter disguised himself as a lifeguard.

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