Man ‘accidentally’ shoots woman and buries body in forest | Abroad

The 55-year-old woman named France Gérard was reported missing last Monday. That reports Het Laatste Nieuws. A search in the vicinity of her home in Mont-Saint-Martin yielded nothing.

France Gérard and Sylvain L. seemed to be a happy couple for years, but two weeks ago France ended the relationship. Sylvain left and decided to live in a caravan in the woods of Stockem, Belgium.


Sylvain was reportedly out for revenge when he decided to go to his ex’s house last Monday. When it turned out that France was not at home, he waited for her in the garage. There he found a loaded pistol with a silencer. When the woman came home and saw her ex, the woman was so shocked that she slipped, after which Sylvain ‘accidentally’ shot her in the back.

The woman’s body was found in the forest on Thursday. The man, who has already changed his statement several times, has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.

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